Thursday, 7 April 2011


So here goes formulating a list of those who make me want to be a better artist and why. Kind of fed up of writing after the dissertation essay but I'll do my best...

Feel I should start with him because he was the first artist that's made me feel truly inspired. I first picked up his book in Annecy last year, and if I hadnt been a poor student I definitely would have bought it. I'd never really been into or really known about art books before I started doing animation but after flicking through these lovely, wonderfully constructed drawings, I had to have the 'The Art of Animal Character Design'.

At the time I was also in a mad effort to improve on my pretty poor observational skills. Studying his drawings, I definitely felt a massive amount of inspiration and wanted to draw just like him. He inspires me also because he's a really hard working artist, and has speant a large amount of time observing and practising. It gave me hope and have been trying harder ever since.

Looking over my observational sketchbooks from this time last year and trying to compare with my most recent ones, i didnt see as much improvement as I'd hoped but I feel that I know alot more about what I'm supposed to be doing. I used to always just trying a copy people straight to my paper, which is wrong. I'm realising more about trying to capture character and the gestures. I absoloutely love Colman's style for the amount of character and story he conveys. To summerise, he changed the way I thought about drawing and still inspires me to draw more.

Peter De Seve

I'd heard about Peter De Seve before Dave Colman and I also adored his work. I think the reason I was more drawn to Colman's work is because his medium is more about the observational, immidiate sketches, which is something I practise already whereas De Seve's illustrations are so beautifully daunting. I'd describe his style as charming, humorous and enviable. After reading this step by step tutorial in this interview, i feel the need to try his method of watercolours which would be fun.

Wouter Tulp

I only really got into his work recently, I certainly recognised his style though. I've never been mad on extreme caricatures that to me, look a bit freaky and dont really offer much to me. However after seeing Wouter Tulp's work this changed my mind. I can see how well he knows the fundamentals of drawing and that really strengthens his caricature because the foundations are there rather than just being silly. He is a wonderful artist with a range of skills. He also blogs regularly with everyday warm-up sketches which have encouraged me to do my own.

Stephen Silver

Another artist I've only discovered recently and desperately want his sketchbooks! I've been really interested in Life drawing since I started Art School so coming across beauties like these has really inspired me to try some new techniques. His observational drawings are excellent, they are crammed with character. His use of line is very appealing and its definitely something I will have in mind next time im doodling.

They're just awesome. Really awesome.

Andrew Shek

I don't know alot about him but this sculpture just blows me away. In my last year of high school I was quite interested in Sculpture and started looking into it. I think I was thrown off by the amount of pretentious crap in galleries that was praised as sculpture. Since being on an animation course, I've realised I have an avenue to give sculpting a go to make something that I know is for a good cause other than being 'open to interpretation' (not being able to come up with a reason, gah!)

So I hope to give this a go once I have spare time back. Because I'm so fascinated by them it's something I'd love to be able to do and enjoy. Dave Colman also did the 'Stitch' maquette in 'Lilo and Stitch'. It's truly inspiring.


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