Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Observational updates

This pigeon sat on our window ledge for about half an hour in the rain, beggin to come in lol. I drew her instead :P

My scanner at home doesnt pick up colour for some reason so some of these arent that great. Will swap them once I get my hands on one that works!


  1. Oh my goodness I want that pigeon. LOOK AT THE POOR THING.
    Also really like the girl with the long hair, you managed to capture her amazing hair perfectly. I also want the hair..
    ..and the guy chewing on something still makes my day.

  2. Ha ha! i love the pigeon!! Poor wee thing!! :P
    You have some lovely work.
    Hope all is well in Dundee.
    I really love scotland. I lived in Dundee for almost 3 years. I worked on the illusionist up there. Great film, and even better that it was set in scotland. Whilst working on illusionist and living in scotland, i almost felt live i was living in the film! :P

    All the best with your student film!