Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Call it what you want

Been in a bit of an odd art slump this time..think im getting out of it, slowly but surely. Having tons of ideas and being inspired by so many things but not knowing really where to start I guess. Here's a mix of things from the past few weeks, good to get them on the blog and out the way. The A3 scanner will also have to wait..

Even these guys are disgusted by my scanning job..and by everything else!

Some drawings I did from halloween, my friends ended up going as Rainbow Pant Warriors, one as a bad panther and I went as Ripley. Working on a group sketch atm, it's all a bit too much to capture in one drawing!

Some exploratory sketches for short film PinYin

Life drawings from Halloween week, the models looked amazing and had real potentional for awesome drawings but typically it just wasn't happening that day. Aw well, I've moaned enough, onwards and upwards.

Oh! And this got me excited the other day, James Baxter's in there so you know it's gunna be gooood!

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