Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Something different!

 Ha, not really! But there is variation on its way. Still working through this lack of zest for life and making art but think im getting there. I thought having all the time in the world to work on my portfolio would be fantastic, but didn't realise I'd have to kick myself so much to keep making work and feel positive about what I'm doing, something I never worried about. Sometimes I think that there's so many things I want to do I get overwhelmed and sort of just give up for an afternoon, which is madness! 

Had a chat with one of my fellow animation buddies who is in the same position as me about all this stuff, and it made me feel unbelievably better. It's mad how you can think you're the only person ever who feels this way. I really don't want to waste this free time I have at the moment, so making lists and ticking boxes now so I have more ideal goals for my folio. 

Lesson learned this week, talk to your friends more and you most probably will feel better about everything *cue cheesy music*

^Warm up sketches ^

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