Friday, 29 March 2013

Comic, Musicians, Dogs & Other Things

Been too long since I last posted something so here's a wee look into what Ive been up to. 

Firstly, been working on a comic for awesome 'Metalish' band The Mathletics Team
They are releasing 6 issues portrayed by 6 different artists which documents the adventures of these unconventional heroes. 

I'm working on Issue number 2 which is due the end of April so I'm plugging away on that. These guys provide so much inspiration from the costumes, variation, energy and the overall vibe each character emanates, so it's something I'm really enjoying working on. If you look through their tumblr, there's so much back story and richness to the world they exist in, so much so that the characters feel very real and believable to me. 

So, I started doing some sketches from their gig photos and working out how I was going to draw them. The sequence I'm illustrating is very action packed so I was always going to go with something cartoony and fun. 


WIP of the team

 So at the moment, I have roughs/plans of all the panels and I'm just working on filling them now.

 In other news, I was in London again, drawing elephants and people in the rain.

 I also want to do something with the awesome photos I keep stumbling upon of my favourite musicians and dogs. Something has to be done about it!

Rory Gallagher jammin with a labrador
 This is just one.. I want to save the best ones for the official post, they're too good. 

And if you survived this ridiculously long post, congratulations. 

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