Thursday, 11 July 2013

Back to schoolin'

Working on some Flash animations at the moment. Figured it better to use the character concepts from the short 'PinYin' me and Kat started last year. Sadly things have gotten in the way but hopefully we can make it a reality some day. 

Kat's original ideas for this beast character were to make him wolf-like with elements of other animals. He represents darkness and an opposing force in the story. (I plan to do a proper post on the actual film blog explaining all this stuff)

I tried jumping straight into the animation just using the sketches I had done months ago but found it pretty difficult. There were alot of things I hadn't decided about the character, even final proportions and shape, his character, never mind how he would move. So yesterday I went back to basics looking at skeletal structures and any sources I could get my hands on. He is pretty stylized and it's definitely helping me draw him more easily after stripping him down and deciding how things work. 

More to come!


This song is also very good

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